Functional Resin Sales and Processing

We cover and distribute the various resins from general-purpose resins to engineering plastics. Adjust color, coloring, compound, master batch processing at our own factory and accommodate various requests of our customers.
We flexibily deal with the small to large lot of coloring, compound, and so forth.

Various Resin Sales

Focus on TPE(general), PE, PP,ABS, POM, we distribute functional resin.
Please contact us for quantity, use and more arrangements.
With shortening the lead time dramatically, we are able to deal with the ugent request.
Our accepting of the small lot and shorter delivery time orders contributive for decreasing the stocks and cost reduction.

Product Line

Elastic Resin, High-performance Resin, Reinforced Resin, General-purpose Resin

Functional Resin Processing

Focus on color processing for various elastomer resin, general-purpose resin, engineering plastic.
Processing of recycled pellet, using sprue runner, grinding stock and such, it’s possible to run a test on your request.
We deal with the various compound.

Approach for Processing

Contents of Functional Resin Processing

Owning 8 mixing machines, 1 1.5 screw extruder and 5 1 screw extruders.
Various resins can be colored, however especialy skilled soft resin, elastomer.

Flow Diagram, Up to the Delivery

Information for Functional Resin Sales and Processing

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